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STL 1 with key fob and battery adapter

STL 1 with key fob and battery adapter

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link to app:

apple: STL App

android: STL App

This item does not come with extension cable or other attachments! The plug can be cut off of the end for direct wire applications.
The STL 1 with battery adapter allows you to wirelessly control 1 device with app or key fob such as a water pump for winterizing units, awning, slide out, tv lift ect…

The STL app allows for button name customization as well as page layout customization, you can also rename the STL as well as change the passcode from the app. 

Under the cover of the STL there is a red button, this button allows the own to master reset the passcode, also you will find a replaceable 20A fuse inside under the cover. 

link to extension cable: Extension cable.


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