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Electric Step Tester

Electric Step Tester

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link to instructions:

Electric Step Tester user guide PDF


The Electric Step Test Box allows the user to plug into the coach side harness at the step controller to verify operation of all step control circuits as well as plug into to the controller to generate signals to run/test step controller. The Electric Step Test Box will come with a five page detailed instruction guide on proper testing procedure. This document is also linked above as a PDF. 

what is included?

1. Electric Step Tester.

2. Detailed instructions.

3. FREE Crappy carrying case (while supplies last)


The Electric Step Test Box utilizes the coach supplied power and is equipped with a “Power In” indicator, this indicator has to be illuminated (confirming power is being supplied) in order for the test box to function correctly. If the “Power In” indicator is not illuminated then there is an issue on the power circuit that has to be identified and rectified before test procedure can move forward. 

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