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EZ-Switch only no splitter

EZ-Switch only no splitter

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YouTube video showing EZ-Switch in use:

The EZ-Switch plugs into the 8 pin round connector on the coddiwomple allowing you to connect and control devices such as awnings or slides via Bluetooth connection from your phone or tablet. The remote app (EZ-Switch by SkillAbove) can be found on the apple App Store or google play store. 

Splitter for schwintek/slimrack not included!

Note: Please understand the EZ-Switch is designed for low amperage loads and has a auto reseting thermal breaker that will trip if load is too high for too long. 
Amperage will not show on the coddiwomple screen when using the EZ-Switch as it is intended for remote use.

Link to the app below.

Apple: Link to app in App Store.

Android: Link to app in Google Play Store.


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