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What does the HZ Tamer do? Well let's look at a typical conventional generator. The power that they produce can be very dirty (why you are not supposed to run a pc on one). There are many reasons that the power output would be dirty. Most commonly, it just comes down to the design and construction of the style of generator. What we see is that when you turn your meter over to measure HZ you get crazy numbers like 120 Hz or 180 HZ or it bounces and can't lock onto the correct HZ. These are harmonics of the original 60 HZ. So the HZ Tamer attenuates this bad power allowing your meter to lock onto the correct frequency that the generator is outputting. Simply put if you can't read the HZ correctly, you won't be able to set the generator up properly. Video of it in action and why you need one will be made in December.

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