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The PEACEMAKER AC/Heat pump tester no case

The PEACEMAKER AC/Heat pump tester no case

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Peacemaker kit without carrying case.

This tester is designed to make the technicians troubleshooting times faster by allowing you to test run all of the moving components in the rooftop unit.

This tester will not only test the cooling side of the unit, it can test heat pump and heat strip applications. The digital display will show amperage draw and voltage.

when tester is powered on there will be a brief boot up time. (This is set to allow unit to equalize)

once booted up you can turn on compressor in cooling mode (blue indicator light) and hi/lo fan to verify good operation.

when switching from cooling mode to heat mode (red indicator light) you will depress the heat mode button, once depressed everything will shut off and 16 seconds later the reversing valve will open. After the reversing valve opens the compressor will remain off for an additional 16 seconds then the compressor will start back up in heat mode. 

(Older units that default reversing valve in heat mode will cool when heat mode is activated on tester)

We have incorporated a 90 minute shutdown feature so this tester can not be used as a override device for long periods of time as it is designed to test only. Once the 90 minutes have expired the indicator will flash red/blue at a rapid rate. If you boot up tester in heat mode you will receive a fast red flash simply unlatch the heat mode button to resume boot up in cooling mode. 

This tester comes with three adapters and a detachable 10’ power cord. 

1. Dometic® Furion GE & Advent  style 6 pin

2. Coleman® style 9 pin with 2 pin heatstrip

3. 5 wire labeled pigtail for use on units without plug (some dometic® penguin ii units) 

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